Perspecto LT administration team is responsible for taking care of the whole recruitment process, the smooth management of co-hosting, and the coordination of all employees during their working period. We are committed to ensure for our employees the best working conditions, a safe and healthy working environment, that’s why our administration team sincerely cares about our employees to feel appreciated and listened.


Arnas Kvedaras
+370 61569007

Head of HR and administration

Grėtė Lindartaitė
+370 611 26400

Head of planning and coordination

Agnė Gečiauskė,
+370 618 58257

Head of Recruitment

Samanta Zakaraitė
+370 680 19551

Human resources coordinator

Nerijus Mazurkevičius
+370 628 20825

Human resources coordinator

Laura Morkūnaitė,
+370 614 83115

Human resources specialist

Ugnė Raižienė
+370 695 01951

Human resources specialist

Gabrielė Kutkutė
+370 698 43550

Data and document management specialist

Jolita Petkeviciene
+370 669 26437

Recruitment specialist

Vanesa Kasperiūnaitė
+370 312 08980

Chief accountant

Kristina Pangonienė